Design magnificence: masterpieces from the elle decor a-list 2024


Each year, ELLE DECOR celebrates the crème de la crème of the interior design world with its prestigious A-List. The...


2024, 10.07

2024 lineup showcases a stellar collection of designers who are redefining spaces with their innovative approaches and unparalleled creativity. Here, we spotlight ten luminaries from the ELLE DECOR A-List 2024, each exemplifying design magnificence and bringing their unique touch to the art of interior design. See also: INTERIOR DESIGN ESSENTIALS: DISCOVERING RUG TRENDS WITH RUG’SOCIETY Amy Lau Design New York City Founded in 2001, Amy Lau Design has become synonymous with warmth, expressiveness, and meticulous attention to detail. Amy Lau’s deep reverence for nature allows her to skillfully weave the inherent beauty of natural materials and landscapes into her interiors. Her work exudes a

timeless elegance, making every project feel contemporary yet deeply rooted in nature, a true highlight of the ELLE DECOR A-List 2024. Inspired by the Look GET PRICE Brockschmidt & Coleman New York City/New Orleans Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman masterfully blend historical references with modern sensibilities, capturing the essence of their clientele—under-the-radar literati and collectors.

Their nuanced approach shines through in notable projects like the refined Nashville studio of historian Jon Meacham and the sophisticated New Orleans apartment of biographer Walter Isaacson, marking their place

on the ELLE DECOR A-List 2024. Commune Design Los Angeles Roman Alonso and Steven Johanknecht, the visionary minds behind Commune Design, epitomize the

new California cool. From homes and hotels to product design, their work showcases a profound respect for craftsmanship and a deep understanding of place. Each project harmoniously blends history, culture, and contemporary design, securing its spot on the ELLE DECOR A-List 2024. Drake/Anderson New York City Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson are celebrated for their modernist leanings and fearless approach to color. Their fashion-conscious sensibility is evident in diverse projects, including sophisticated estates on Long Island, medical facilities, and nonprofit headquarters. Drake/Anderson’s vibrant testament to innovative design ethos makes them standout members of the ELLE DECOR A-List 2024. Elliott Barnes Interiors Paris Elliott Barnes, a Los Angeles native thriving in Paris, honed his craft under the guidance of Arthur Erickson and Andrée Putman. His projects, spanning luxurious country homes, the renovation of Ruinart’s Champagne cellars, and chic apartments for art collectors, showcase his versatile talent. Barnes’ acclaimed Champagne accessories for Christofle add to his recognition on the ELLE DECOR A-List 2024. Ishka Designs Brooklyn Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom of Ishka Designs excel in creating serene, minimalist spaces for vacation properties, restaurants, and residences. Their restoration of a Brooklyn brownstone, featured in ELLE DECOR’s Summer 2022 issue, exemplifies their clean aesthetic and commitment to thoughtful design, earning them a...

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