The new tilepix x jonathan adler collab will add personality to any wall


If you happen to know anything about Jonathan Adler, aside from his work as a potter, designer, and retailer, you...


2024, 09.07

know that he is a person driven by color and self-expression. It's no surprise then, that revolutionary brand, TilePix, known for their "peel, stick, and hang" magnetized personalized gallery walls welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with Adler in their latest ICON venture. The collection, available at and Walgreens nationwide, is curated based on Adler's greatest successes from his own eponymous store. The lineup offers 15 illustrations available in a variety of colors, along with a range of sizing and frame options. Six of those pieces have also been designed as splits, stretching a single image across several frames.

In typical Adler style, you'll find memorable motifs, including his iconic lips, dreamy druggist-inspired graphics, color-filled swirls inspired by Paris’s Pompidou Center, geometrics, boat loads of pills, head-turning Atlas faces, and, of course, his striking blue-eyed leopard. "This collection is the icing on the cake of decor. It's like

a cake can be dry and boring and then icing just makes everything better. TilePix is the icing," he says. What Adler loves most about working with TilePix is

the price point (pieces start at $27.99), the ease of use, and flexibility. He cites their product as being a

game changer for renters (no more non-refunded damage fees) and homeowners (stricken by their misplacement of hanging art on their newly hung wallpaper). Everyone can use this product without any fear of abusing or "holing up" their walls, and create what he deems "the perfect punctuation" to any unadorned wall. "I wanted to create a collection that gave the buyer the opportunity to play designer," he adds. TilePix is backed by a patented magnetic hanging system, so no nails are required and your walls will stay damage free. The magnets make it easy to hang a gallery wall in minutes or rearrange it on a whim. "I’m a very nice person and I believe in being nice to your walls. This is a very kind solution," Adler says. "I will never want to hammer a nail again as long as I live. If I ever do, I will be irate and resent it." Best of all? TilePix is offering an exclusive 20 percent off on pieces from the collab to HB readers from July 9 to July 22—just use the code HouseBeautiful at checkout. We chatted with Adler further about the collab, below. House Beautiful: You have so much art and...

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