‘spirituality has been a catalyst for evolution’: mariko mori on her peace crystal in venice


Faou Foundation presents Peace Crystal by Mariko Mori Nature-focused non-profit Faou Foundation, founded by Mariko Mori, presents Peace Crystal, a major...


2024, 04.07

installation by the Japanese artist in the garden of Palazzo Corner della Ca’ Granda, Venice, Italy. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, Peace Crystal symbolizes the body as a vessel for the eternal soul, cycling through life, death, and rebirth. The crystal stands at 167.5 cm (five feet six inches) tall, the average height of a modern human, and is balanced on its narrowest point. This represents the moment humans evolved to stand upright, a development Mori believes was crucial for the growth of intelligence and spirituality, allowing humans to receive energy from both celestial and terrestrial sources. ‘I believe spirituality has

been a catalyst for evolution,’ Mori tells designboom. Through Peace Crystal, Mori invites us to reflect on world peace and shared humanity. The installation runs until October before its permanent installation in an Ethiopian cave. ‘Ideally, we are looking for a cave near a major city with a large opening for

Peace Crystal and a natural overhead opening to allow sunlight to filter in,’ Mori explains. For more about Peace Crystal, its significance, and its future in Ethiopia, read designboom’s full

interview with Mariko Mori below.the exterior of the Peace Crystal installation | all images by Marta Buso courtesy of Faou

Foundation  interview with mariko mori designboom (DB): Can you elaborate on how Buddhist philosophy influenced the concept of Peace Crystal?  Mariko Mori (MM): The spectrum sphere at the core of Peace Crystal symbolizes the eternal soul. In Buddhist philosophy, it signifies the belief in reincarnation, where all living beings undergo cycles of life, death, and rebirth with the soul being eternal.  DB: This artwork balances evolutionary biology with spirituality, two notions that do not always coexist easily. In your view, where does humanity stand today in relation to this coexistence? MM: I believe that humanity has developed intelligence and spirituality alongside evolution. This achievement is evident as spirituality is a universal theme for humans and has historically supported human creativity in innovation—and continues to do so today. In essence, I believe it could be argued that spirituality has been a catalyst for evolution.Mariko Mori outside the Peace Crystal installation  DB: Walk us through the process of designing the Peace Crystal. What materials and techniques were used?  MM: Peace Crystal is made out of crystal glass, employing glass casting techniques that have evolved since Roman times. By using pure materials, the crystal glass has a high transparency and prism effect. Additionally, the spherical centrepiece of the...

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