Joanna gaines reveals spaces fans didn’t see in ‘fixer upper: the lakehouse’


Chip and Joanna Gaines have done it again. After renovating dozens of properties on Fixer Upper—and a castle...and a hotel—the...


2024, 01.07

design duo flipped a waterfront home along Lake Waco in Texas. Loyal fans were able to see the whole transformation play out on the couple's show, Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse, but it turns out that we didn't see everything. Over the weekend, Joanna showed us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of some spaces that were left on the cutting room floor—starting with the upstairs landing. In her video, Joanna headed up the home's floating staircase to reveal a cute little nook that offers a subtle nod to the property's 1960s roots. While an old photo of Lake Waco and a patterned runner

zhuzh up the space, Joanna insists the star of this landing is a series of geometric wooden screens, which look put-together and provide some privacy. "I love how simple these screens are but detailed," she said. "Very detailed." Though a landing might seem like an afterthought—a place made for just

passing through—Joanna argues that this area is designed to enjoy. "I'd hang out right there if I lived here," Joanna added, pointing to an olive-tinged mid-century couch. Of course, Joanna

didn't stop her stealth tour with the landing: Since the lake house is approximately 5,100 square feet, there's a lot

that didn't end up on the finale. "I know that's always a big question," Joanna said. "What about the other rooms of the house?" That's exactly why the Magnolia mogul took us on an impromptu tour of the four bathrooms that weren't shown. Compared to the rest of the house, these bathrooms are relatively small; however, Joanna wanted to make sure that they each had their own "wow" factor. "We wanted to do something fun to give them all their own unique vibe," she explained. The couple stuck with a palette of primarily olive greens, terracottas, and cool teals but added a unique spin through the use of tiles, mosaics, and colorful grout. (There are even hints of marble and terrazzo to give even the most standard surfaces, like the floor and shower niche, a textured touch.) Curious to see the rest of the home? You can stream the whole show on Max or check out our explainer for a highlights reel. Either way, you're bound to get hit with a wave of lakeside design inspiration. Follow House Beautiful on Instagram and TikTok. Chip and Joanna Gaines have done it again. After renovating dozens of properties on Fixer...

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