Interior designer ioli chiotini imbues a cycladic house on serifos island with whimsical flair


The Cycladic vernacular is one of the most recognized architectural styles in the world; born from the unique combination of...


2024, 29.06

the Cycladic islands' rugged, windswept landscape, sunny climate and resourceful culture, its serene, timeless aesthetic – a combination of stark, whitewashed walls, cubic volumes, smooth curves and minimalistic design – holds universal appeal. It’s therefore only natural that architects and designers working on new hospitality projects on the Cyclades overwhelmingly embrace the aesthetic; it takes boldness and vision to tinker with such a successful ‘recipe’ but when done right, the result can be captivating. This is the case with Seriphos Estate, a duplex retreat on Serifos island conceived by Athens-based interior designer Ioli Chiotini as a modern interpretation of Cycladic aesthetics. Taking

its name from the Greek word for shell, the two-bedroom “Kelyphos” apartment occupies the building’s upper level, while the one-bedroom “Edaphos”, named after the Greek word for ground and soil, is located on the ground floor. Both apartments feature an open-plan living, dining and kitchen plus a number of private

and communal outdoor sitting areas. While the latter adheres to the Cycladic norm of muted tones and simple forms—think stone-paved terraces and built-in sitting and wooden pergolas—the interiors are boldly

swathed in colour inspired by the blue of the Aegean Sea (Kelyphos) and the earthy hues of the island’s rocky

landscape (Edaphos). Pops of mahogany red can also be found in the open-plan living space in the larger Kelyphos apartment, but in this space are used to complement the predominant Tiffany blue hues, most notably on the floor of the open-plan living space, extending to the coffee table, fur-lined armchair and kitchen backsplash as well as the custom-made suspension lamp, the latter one of several light fittings designed by Chiotini in collaboration with Athens-based product designer Chris Bassias. Similar blue hues appear throughout the two-bedroom apartment, from the skirting-like coloured band that leads to the private quarters, to the bespoke bedside suspension lamps, to the post-modernist mirror in the powder room. Complementing Edaphos and Kelyphos’ imaginative interiors is a series of outdoor areas, subtly animated by the custom-designed patterns adorning the pillows and pouffes, where guests can enjoy the mesmerizing sea views in privacy, while an outdoor kitchen and dining area functions as a vibrant communal hub. A large rug covering the floor imbues the latter with a “barefoot” luxury vibe, while the spacious central wooden table, flanked by benches that can be swapped for pouffes, further enhances its inviting, laid-back elegance. Although this space may lack the chromatic panache of the...

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