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Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini are partners in work and life, but share a single (and singular) vision. After founding...


2024, 26.06

Palomba Serafini Associati in 1994, they developed a body of work for an astonishing number of clients, from early Foscarini lighting and Flaminia bathroom products through collaborations with Kos, Laufen, Zucchetti, CC Tapis, Talenti, Kartell, and dozens more; at this year’s Salone, they debuted some 17 new products. No matter the project, their work remains distinctive, melding rigorous historical sensitivity to an inherent respect for pushing boundaries. Over the decades, Palomba and Serafini have established themselves as restless legends, staying busy while staying true to their core values. The dynamic duo recently sat for a Zoom and discussed their blockbuster year,

how design shouldn’t be like a cocktail, and building souls for their projects. How Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini Create Spaces With Soul Interior Design: How did you first meet? Roberto Palomba: We met a million years ago at a Julius Caesar party. I was flirting with Cleopatra, and I fell in love

with her completely. It was natural because we are both architects. We studied together, and we started to cooperate on projects together. It was very simple, and here we are

after 30 years. Ludovica Serafini: When you are young, you both have the same tastes even if you have different experiences.

So it’s quite natural to share the same dreams. After so many years, we still share the same vision. We want to innovate, not to change things or shock people, but just for the sake of innovation. We don’t want to live in the comfort zone. ID: What were those early days of the firm like? RP: In the beginning, we were working on small projects with small brands. But then, we started to be conscious about the quality that we worked with. We began designing bathroom products and some of those innovations remain as the standard worldwide. It was crazy. We started from a design vision plus an architectural vision. LS: Another important part of our job was always thinking about sustainability in design. From the beginning, we were using sustainable materials. The second product we designed was a recycled aluminum table. And this year, we designed a huge table for Kartell also using recycled aluminum with a recyclable ceramic slab as a top. You can lacquer the aluminum and glaze the top the same color. RP: It’s not a matter of using a green coat. We just designed a shower with brass made of more than 80% recyclable aluminum. We’re also using...

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