21 stunning ideas for kitchen extensions


Need more space in your home? These stunning ideas for kitchen extensions seamlessly blend functionality with high-end style. If your kitchen...


2024, 08.02

is starting to feel a bit cramped or disconnected from the rest of your home, I’ve got some gorgeous inspiration to share. A well-designed kitchen extension can not only give you more storage, countertop and floor space, it can also improve the flow of your home and even increase its resale value. But before you rush to draw up plans or hire a contractor, there’s one thing I’d really recommend you do based on my own recent experience of planning an extension build, Take some time to consider your lifestyle, your priorities and the overall look and feel you want to

achieve. When we were designing our modern minimalist kitchen extension our main goal was to create a sense of space and add architectural interest, so we knew from the start that a full height ceiling was non-negotiable. For you, a high spec kitchen designed for cooking and entertaining might be the priority.

Or perhaps a family-friendly room that can accommodate the hustle and bustle of daily life? Maybe your dream is to establish a seamless sense of connection with your garden, or

to embrace the tranquillity of a minimalist space. Understanding what you really want from the space is the key to creating

your ideal kitchen extension. Each choice you make, from the structural design to the smallest decor detail, should reflect what you are ultimately aiming to achieve In this post, we’ll explore a range of ideas that not only expand your kitchen’s physical space but also enrich its functionality and aesthetic appeal. From open-plan layouts that invite social interaction to serene garden views that bring nature indoors and walk-in pantries that offer practical elegance Create added architectural interest with a vaulted ceiling for an airy and spacious feel. Open up to the garden with bi-fold or sliding doors. Incorporate copper worktops or brass clad cupboards for a luxe, high-end feel. Create dynamic visual interest with windows and doors in a bright contrast colour. Create a cosy reading nook with window seating. Incorporate a roof terrace above the kitchen extension to create a unique outdoor space for evening drinks and relaxation with a view. Go bold with bright colour to infuse energy and personality into your design. Incorporate contrasting brickwork to add texture and visual interest, blending traditional charm with modern design. Create a tranquil Zen-like feel with clean lines, natural materials and uncluttered surfaces. Add built-in bench seating to create a cosy, space-efficient dining area, with hidden storage underneath. Design your kitchen...

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