Come with me to my new online house


Well today’s the day. From today you will be able to join me over on Substack where I have been...


2023, 01.11

busy behind the scenes hanging the curtains, unpacking the archive and arranging the furniture ready to welcome you in. Some of you will have already seen the email I sent on Monday in which I said I would explain in a little more detail while I have decided to move house. I have been very happy here in my little corner of the internet but times have changed and it’s time to move on.  I very much hope you will come with me to Substack. There’s room for everyone in the new house and there are lots of exciting new ways

to build a community. I have been writing a minimum of three posts a week for nearly 12 years. That’s a lot of free content. This was one of the first interiors blogs in the UK when I launched in 2012. It’s one of the last ones standing in 2023. I

love our community and the support you have given me over the years but the landscape has changed and I must change with it. Mad About The House has always been

supported by sponsored posts and collaborations. This is what allowed me to continue writing for free. But those partnerships are

harder to find these days with the move to video content and the dominance of Tiktok and Instagram. As you know I love a still image and a word (or 500!) but it has become harder to support this kind of digital magazine without some form of financial recompense. The other option is, of course adverts. I have resisted this with every fibre of my being. I never wanted to spoil a post about beautiful design with banners and pop-ups that interrupt your reading. It’s like being shouted at by a stranger as you stroll down a beautiful country lane. That said, in the drive to support writing as a career there’s barely a magazine, blog or even newspaper and magazine these days that doesn’t use ads whether it’s for designer handbags or garden sheds. For the last few months I have considered putting the blog behind a paywall. But that felt like a punishment to all of you who have been here for so many years. So, rather than paying thousands of pounds a year to host this site, I have decided to move to Substack which won’t cost anything and where a rapidly growing community will allow me to increase...

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